Does Adrafinil cause side effects?


If you have been following any of my blogs, you know what a big supporter of Adrafinil I am. This supplement really helps to increase focus and concentration without a lot of the negative effects that some other nootropics carry. The side effects of Adrafinil are usually pretty mild and well tolerated by most people. They usually just involve difficulty in falling asleep as well as dehydration.

These side effects can usually be avoided by taking Adrafinil first thing in the morning. If you do this, then the supplement has time to be processed in your liver and eliminated from the body before it starts to cause to many problems.

Once inside the liver, Adrafinil is converted not Modafinil. This is an important distinction to take into account. You need to be drinking plenty of water if you want to avoid any of the side effects that Modafinil or it’s cousin Adrafinil may produce.

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The biggest blog in the world!!

You wanna get big right? We’ll I’m gonna show you how to get there. Let’s start with a little about me.

I wasn’t always a body builder. The truth is, I was a skinny, shy, little nobody up until my mid twenties. I never used to go out, I was too scared to talk to women… and what’s worse… I hated my life. I had enough and something had to change — that’s when I found the gym. I met a guy who was a national-level body builder at the time and he took me in under his wing.

I trained with him day in day out. He pushed me to levels I that I didn’t even know was there. Sometimes I just wanted to give up… but he kept me going. I didn’t matter if I was poorly or injured… we still trained. I’m just under six foot tall, and within¬† a year I went from 140 pounds to almost 220! I felt great! I still feel great. I went from being scared of the world to seeing it as something I’d mastered, something I crushed every day in the gym.

My achievement has been such a revelation that I want to help people who were like me back then, to become like what I am now. I want to share all my training techniques, diets, supplements and more. So stay tuned to this blog because you’ve got a treat in store.

What I want to address first is food. To get big you need to eat big! This was one of the toughest challenges for me in the start. Put simply guys, you’ve gotta love food... really love it! Because sometimes the diet can get boring. There’s LOTs of chicken and rice… so if you don’t like that… stop reading now. On top of the food element, there supplements. Now, I need to be clear… supplements can only get you so far… so don’t rely on them… but they can be super useful if you’re trying to top up your calorific intake, and/or you’re trying to pack in some extra protein and suck. Keep any eye out for creatine — this stuff if used correctly is rocket fuel! Love the stuff. Just as helpful is Adrafinil. So get to your local store and buy the shelf!

My next top tip is join the right gym. Go visit a few. Avoid hotel gyms… they’re full of people who are trying to look pretty… and there’s usually very little weights. Guys… let me be clear, you’re gonna need to sweat and make noise to get big… so find a gym that has big men in it and be sure to join it! See you next time for another update — let’s get BIG yo.

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