Does Adrafinil cause side effects?


If you have been following any of my blogs, you know what a big supporter of Adrafinil I am. This supplement really helps to increase focus and concentration without a lot of the negative effects that some other nootropics carry. The side effects of Adrafinil are usually pretty mild and well tolerated by most people. They usually just involve difficulty in falling asleep as well as dehydration.

These side effects can usually be avoided by taking Adrafinil first thing in the morning. If you do this, then the supplement has time to be processed in your liver and eliminated from the body before it starts to cause to many problems.

Once inside the liver, Adrafinil is converted not Modafinil. This is an important distinction to take into account. You need to be drinking plenty of water if you want to avoid any of the side effects that Modafinil or it’s cousin Adrafinil may produce.

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